This information is provided by the Guidance Department.

There are many opportunities for you to do some research on your own regarding what you plan to do after high school. There are many scholarships and bursaries that come through the guidance office which are then posted in the school. However, we do not receive notice of all of the awards that are out there, so it’s a good idea to do some research on your own as well. In addition to the websites listed below, check the websites of post-secondary institutions for awards specific to that institution. Do some research online on schools that interest you and also visit the guidance office to get information.

Post-Secondary Information

Red River College

University of Manitoba

University of Winnipeg

Brandon University

Assiniboine Community College

Winnipeg Technical College

University College of the North

Providence College

Canadian Mennonite University

Herzing College

Robertson College

CDI College



1. DO follow the instructions on the application. If it tells you to type it out, type it out. If you need to use a certain colour of pen, pay attention to that.

2. DO make sure that, if you are writing by hand, you print neatly and legibly. If the application looks messy, you likely do not stand a chance of winning. If the powers that be cannot read your application, guess where it goes?!

3. DO NOT rush through the application just to get it in. Think carefully about what you would like to say because yours should stand out in the pile.

4. DO be creative in your wording. Incorporate the wording that is used on the application, where applicable. Use big words. Showcase your intelligence.

5. DO NOT use contractions when filling out an application and write out the word for numbers.

6. DO proofread and then get two more people to proofread. Spell check does not cut it all the time!

7. DO NOT lie about what you’ve done or are planning to do but you can try to tailor your application to meet the requirements, if possible.

8. DO make a big deal about your accomplishments. This is the one time when you SHOULD brag! If you have done a lot, SAY THAT. Mention awards, honours, certificates, highest standings, medals, promotions, etc.

9. DO, for goodness sake, redo your application if you have made mistakes. DO NOT cross out mistakes. At the very least, use whiteout.

10. Finally, DO try not to sound cheesy. Keep in mind that those reading your application have heard it all before. Clichés and cheese will not stand out among unique and creative applications!